With so much room it is easy to see how this place could be a money making machine.  As such the current owner has worked tirelessly to build as much as he was able but in the end wasn’t able to complete his dream.  But these are things that can easily be completed for quick return on investment:

At the far corner of the property there is another almost complete bungalow.  Missing only a door, some paint, and a patio, this bungalow could be completed in less then a few weeks.  Identical in design to the other bungalow, it is built strong and made to last.

The foundation is laid for a third bungalow that you could choose to complete as well to complete the set.  With a few strong men and the plans this baby could significantly increase the earning potential of this property.

Even with three bungalows and a house there is still lots of room left over where, in my opinion, there could be a nice pool for young and old alike to play in or a more outdoor intimate dining location.

Years ago the front lawn and large garage was used as a kitchen for a restaurant at this high visibility intersection.  I can’t imagine a better way to build up the rental business then to have a nice restaurant in this location.  The possibilities are truly endless.