Only a block from Playa la Ropa, the nicest beach in the area(in my opinion), there is a beautiful little hideaway.  In traditional Mexican form the property itself is quite hidden, but with a large front lawn there is plenty of room for a restaurant or rounded driveway for that matter.   You could simply enjoy fresh coconut from your trees out front.  A lime tree is also a nice treat that will keep your taste buds going year round.

The location itself is on the busiest, but still quiet, street in Playa la Ropa and is at a high visibility corner that lends itself quite well to external and direct advertising.

As you enter the property you are presented with a Victorian fountain and a green path to the left to a guest/rental room and a bungalow with private bathroom, cable, outdoor kitchen on a private patio.

Further down the path is another bungalow that is under construction, a project for a prospective buyer.  Needing only finishing touches like paint, a door, and your own special touches, this bungalow could be truly your own creation, and a good way to keep the husband busy…

The 600 square meter(24m x 25m), or ~6500 square foot(79’x82′) property has a beautiful central patio with lots of room for a pool or other feature that would be sure to draw people in.

To the right of the fountain is a more private patio and 1 bedroom house with kitchen with adjoined living room, and private bathroom.  This is a great little place to wake up in the morning to fry up some bacon and eggs and enjoy the bread we made last nigh.