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If you are looking for more activity during the day then Playa la Ropa then you can make your way to Playa las Gatas.  There is no road to get there, just a path along the beach from Playa la Ropa or a water taxi from Zihuatanejo pier, but the people still seem to find it in droves.  With certainly more restaurants and better (read more confined) swimming and activities such as jetskiing, scuba diving, and snorkeling to a giant under water statue of Jesus, I can see why this otherwise disconnected little beach gets so much attention.

PostHeaderIcon Playa la Ropa

In my opinion Playa la Ropa beach in Zihuatanejo, Mexico is one of the nicest beaches in Mexico.  And that is saying a lot!  It has just the right mix of safety, restaurants, surf, view, people, and activities to keep just about anyone happy.

You sit on a reclining beach chair, sip some gin and coconut and let the world pass you by.  Food comes to you, and you don’t get overly hassled by the local beach vendors(you know the ones I’m talking about).

There are many great restaurants on the beach, including Rossies, The Tides, La Perla, and many more.  One of my favorites is The Tides which transforms at night to a gorgeous intimate beach side destination for couples in town.  Picture this, on the beach, a table only set for two, a candle on the table and the moon above are your only illumination as you dine on the fresh catch of the day, or other succulent entrée.   Mmmmm, got me drooling already.

Included in this magical setting is the sunsets you can only get on the west coast.  Long, bright, colorful rays that gleam down until the last of the sun falls behind the picturesque Pacific Ocean surrounded by Zihuatanejo bay.  You really can’t beat it.

Only one block from this beach is a property I am currently selling.  If you are interested please go to the property page.